Gunite Pools

Why Gunite Swimming Pools?

Gunite or sprayed concrete, which allows swimming pool builders to build a pool in any shape regardless of the surroundings.

Building a swimming Pool using Gunite is a technique of spraying dry concrete into an area or on a surface; the majority of non gunite pools are built by applying the material, using large apparatus to construct the swimming pool.  A gunite swimming pool can be built without this large machinery, which makes it an ideal alternative for those owners who  do o not want the hassle and noise of swimming pool builders using industrial trucks and heavy grade equipment potentially spoiling the look of their outer home exterior area. 

Why Gunite Swimming Pools?

The spraying of the mixture as opposed to placing means that Curtis Pools can build swimming pools even in the tightest of angles, under bridges, within compact rock formations and inside buildings. Gunite pools can be perfect for waterparks and a lot more functions whereby many bends in the pool are required. Adjustability is often a key attribute when choosing which type of swimming pool to have built, consider the area surrounding it and whether you want then process to be done quickly with ease or have a long drawn out messy project. Gunite allows this ease and as you can see from our pictures, the swimming pool builders at Curtis Pools have all the equipment to make the project a smooth one.

One may ask, despite this incredible flexible approach to building a swimming pool, if the outcome results in durable and strong pools being developed. Well Gunite is in fact extremely impervious and there is a very small chance of damage to the swimming pool for centuries to come. Swimming pool builders have been using Gunite for an extremely long time and it was in fact discovered and first produced as far back as 1909!

There is an extremely low water to cement ratio and Gunite also shows that it has a much higher resistance to water than typical concrete. Gunite Swimming Pool Builders also find this method of application extremely economical and despite its wonders you may find yourself with a much lower quote than you initially thought!

Curtis pools as specialists in gunite Swimming Pool are willing to travel to all areas of South Africa, whether you be in the very local provinces such as North Riding, Randburg, Sandton or Johannesburg or you may be looking for a gunite swimming pool builder as far as Cape Town, George and Durban KZN. Wherever you want a Gunite swimming pool in South Africa, Curtis pools can provide you with an affordable cost yet very high quality solution.

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