We Are Swimming Pool Builders, We Build Gunite and Marbelite Pools, We Maintain, Renovate and Repair Pools.

Tips, Tricks and General Information on Your Pool Maintenance

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Curtis pools brought down the house at the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 National Pool Institute of South Africa (NSPI) Annual awards with no fewer than 8 accolades for best swimming pools!

sprayed concrete


Undertaking the construction and maintanence of Gunite swimming pools in South Africa. Curtis Pools have been implementing Gunite solutions for over 43 years.



Here in South Africa the summer gets hot right? Ask yourself do you have a pool? If not… why not! Curtis Pools Swimming Pools Builders make a swimming pool very affordable and economic with regards to maintenance.

Curtis Pools, since 1973

Curtis pools have been building, maintaining and repairing new and old pools for over 43 years, including shell only reconstruction, pool enlargement – reduction and major repairs..

Why Choose Marbelite Pools?

Marbelite Pools give the kind of finish that you would expect in a palace. Furthermore marbelite is extremely durable and rarely cracks, so you can be assured of quality.

Why Gunite Swimming Pools?

Gunite or sprayed concrete allows a swimming pool construction company to build a pool in any shape regardless of the surroundings. Curtis Pools provide the highest standard guniting..

Swimming Pools – South Africa

Here in South Africa the summer gets hot right? Ask yourself do you have a pool? If not…why not! Curtis Pools make swimming pools very affordable and economic with regards to maintenance.

Are you thinking of taking the plunge?

For more than 40 years as swimming pool builders, award-winning Curtis Pools have helped ordinary homeowners achieve their dream of owning their own oasis of calm and contemplation in the back garden. You too, could enjoy those long, hot lazy days with family or friends simply lounging by the pool in the privacy and safety of your own home.

We provide the COMPLETE swimming pool service. It means we work closely with you to provide:

  • Best Design and Layout for your particular space.
  • Construction and Installation to the highest industry standards.
  • Latest technology and equipment.
  • Service and Maintenance.
  • Repairs and Renovations.

Corporate and Commercial

Curtis Pools also specialise in specifying, designing and building swimming pools for leading corporate and commercial companies, where we often liaise with architects, engineers, builders, developers and landscapers.

Durability meets Aesthetics at an Affordable price

Our founding principle of “building a swimming pool to exactly meet a client’s needs” is based on the core values of durability, aesthetics and affordability.

The technique of spraying dry concrete into an area or onto a surface, known as Gunite, supplies the essential strength and flexibility. The application of Marbelite, a fine mix of marble chippings and white cement, achieves a stunning polished finish. Together we realise our client’s aspiration of “durability and aesthetics at an affordable price.”

A swimming pool may help you live a longer, healthier life.

The health benefits of swimming are well-known, from relieving stress and improving sleep to weight loss, muscle toning and maintaining all round fitness.

Crucially, swimming every day reduces and may even prevent high blood pressure – a major cause of heart disease and strokes. Regular swimmers are 50 per cent more likely to live longer than runners or walkers, according to a recent study.

What could be easier than simply stepping from your garden patio into the cool inviting waters of your very own swimming pool?

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