Swimming Pool Repairs JohannesburgIt’s truly a pleasure to have a swimming pool on your property, but there are times when you rue the fact as well; the fact is that some issues may surface from time to time and dealing with them can be quite a time-consuming and tedious task. In some cases, the pool may spring a leak, while in others there may be a leak in the piping. Though above-ground pipe leaks aren’t difficult to fix, there are times when fixing hidden leaks in a Gunite pool may be difficult to tackle. This makes it important for you to hire the services of an experienced company like Curtis Pools.

The importance of swimming pool repair

Over time, the plaster of a Gunite pool will need repairs as there may be racking, chipping or hollow spots in some areas. The plastering may also show some wear over time and cracks may appear. Though these cracks may sometimes be caused by wear, at times incorrect reinforced steel installation may be the reason for it. At times, improper installation of the Gunite poorly-compacted soil may be the cause of the damage. Regardless of what has caused the actual leak, if it is not fixed on time, the issue will only aggravate. In turn, this can mean additional expenses for you. You will find a number of companies in the market that provide swimming pool repair services. They use epoxy, staples or a thin fibreglass coating to repair the cracks, but this is largely ineffective in permanently fixing the leaks. We have been operating in this space for a number of years and have the expertise to provide you with high grade services at the most cost-effective price points. We fix all leaks and handle the repair work in an expert manner, very efficiently and quickly.

The repair process

Our company adopts a highly-specialised approach: A complete inspection will be carried out and all leaks identified The flow & spa jets will be inspected The filter and piping will be thoroughly checked for faults All the water features and spouts will be checked too A skimmer box check will be carried out A complete inspection of the Gunite surface will be carried out

The Thorough Approach

Once all these detailed and thorough checks have been completed, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote. On approval, the work will be carried out as per the pre-decided schedule and completed to your 100% satisfaction. We keep a very tight rein on quality and make sure that the work is completed within the stipulated time-frame and budget. The focus is always on providing high grade services at very reasonable costs.

Don’t go off the deep end! Attending to swimming pool repairs helps to extend the years of use and the joys of a regular dip in the water in your own backyard! However, the climate of South Africa can be both seasonally extreme and variable, so regular maintenance is sensible. It’s crucial that you call upon the local services of Swimming Pool Repairs Johannesburg to carry out a proper inspection and any necessary remedial work.

Durability and longevity

There is no doubt that the flexible method of building a Gunite pool ensures a greater durability and longevity. With proper maintenance, the finish of a Gunite pool can last for up to 15 years or more – if finished with a  multi-coat epoxy surface – while a standard pool construction may require a surface replaster after 5 to 10 years.

Changes in temperature

Gunite is a special mortar made from concrete, sand and water, which is applied by a pneumatic spray process. It is also porous and, therefore, water sealed by a plaster coating. However, changes in temperature can cause expansion and contraction of the water, which could permeate the porous material and cracks can appear.

Delamination and ground movement

If the plaster was not correctly applied properly when the pool was first installed, the water will eventually seep through and cause damage. Gunite pool will age over time, so even properly applied plaster will require repairs to address issues such as hollowing, egg-shelling or delamination – the separation of a coating from a substrate or layers of a coating from each other. Cracking of the surface material may also be caused by the ground around the pool moving over time, due to various factors like freezing and thawing, and water table levels.

High water table

Many pools in high water table areas are not designed to be drained because the high water table will cause a collapse. If a pool needs to be drained for major maintenance, there should be drainage points around the outside of the pool to draw the water table down first.  A qualified inspection of the type and extent of the damage including, the method of repair will determine whether the pool will need to be drained.

Trained and experienced eye

However, it should be noted that cracks, chips and “pop ups” –  hollow spots in the pool surface  –  may only affect the surface plaster while at other times it may be the Gunite itself, which displays a crack.  Repairs to a Gunite swimming pool will need a trained and experienced eye to determine if the cracks which appear are serious and the extent of any water loss.

If you are looking for high quality swimming pool repair, call Curtis Pools on 27 (0) 82 652 5205 with your requirement today. Our experts will come over to your location and provide you with a detailed quote after surveying the swimming pool.