Curtis Pools – NSPI Award Winning Swimming Pool Builders

Curtis Pools swept up athe recent National Spa and pool institute of South Africa annual pool awards 2016. The National Spa and Pool institute is also known as the NSPI.

Curtis PoolsThe purpose of the NSPI is to regulate swimming pool and spa companies in South Africa to ensure that best practice is taken.and safe, quality swimming pools are built in the country.

The NSPI have been giving awards to the best swimming pool companies in South Africa since they were formed in 1972 and Curtis Pools are proud to have all their hard work recognised.

To ensure the NSPI regulate the countries swimming pool industry as affective as possible and find the best swimming pool company and best swimming pool builders in South Africa, they carry out a strict code of ethics.

The code includes strict guidelines and exemplifies the institutes dedication to have the highest respect in the swimming pool industry and amongst the construction industry itself.

The guidelines put an emphasis on health and safety and put construction companies under a strict compliance to abide by health and safety as there has been many cases whereby swimming pool companies have produced dangerous pools that have caused injuries and sometimes fatalities.

The institute aim to also continually improve rersearch to ensure that South Africa are getting the highest technology of swimming pools in the world.

Below are are awards from the 2012 ceremony:

Awards 2016

Swimming Pool Awards Gallery for Curtis Pools