Pool Renovations

Temperatures in Johannesburg regularly hit 20 – 26c in 10 out 12 months of the year, with up to 11 hours of sunshine every day. The often extreme and variable climate of South Africa means swimming pool renovations and regular maintenance are a sensible precaution, which will help prolong its lifetime use by you, your family and friends.

Over time, harsh UV rays damage concrete surfaces, which is accelerated during the long summer months. Unequal temperature changes – known as thermal incompatibility of concrete components (TICC) – can cause tensile stresses and cracks in concrete, which allows moisture and chlorides to penetrate and reduce material durability

Around one in 300 South African homes has a swimming pool so it’s likely that the purchase of a property will also include a swimming pool built by a previous owner. If the plaster was not correctly applied properly when the pool was first installed, the water will eventually seep through and cause damage. Without regular servicing and renovations, the pool becomes increasingly inefficient and unsafe to use.

Did you know…

The finish of a Gunite pool – with regular maintenance – can last for up to 15 years or more compared to a standard pool construction, which may require a surface re-plaster after 5 to 10 years

Pool Renovations

Swimming pool repairs

Curtis Pools brings four decades of knowledge, experience and know-how to providing high quality, long lasting swimming pool repairs. Our approach is always to carry out a thorough and detailed inspection to precisely pinpoint and diagnose the type of wear and tear and the correct application needed to completely remediate the damage.

Gunite – which is special mortar made from concrete, sand and water –  is also porous and requires to be water sealed by a plaster coating when installed. However, changes in temperature can cause expansion and contraction of the water, which can permeate the porous material. In time, aging can inevitably lead to cracks, chips and hollow spots to emerge across the plaster surfacing. Their appearance may only be the result of the surface layers flaking and separating while at other times it may be the Gunite itself, which caused the cracks.

Renovations or repairs to a Gunite swimming pool will require a trained and experienced eye to evaluate the full extent of the damage. Only when an inspection to carry out pool renovations is completed to our satisfaction do we then provide a full quotation. On approval, the work proceeds as per the agreed schedule, within the stipulated time-frame and to budget.

Swimming pool prices

Our founding principle of “building a swimming pool to exactly meet a client’s needs” is based on our enduring dedication to swimming pool durability, aesthetics and affordability. At Curtis Pools, quoting affordable swimming pool prices goes hand in hand with introducing our clients to both the resilience and versatility of Gunite Pools.

From first enquiry, we are committed to helping our clients every step of the way to ensure we always create the swimming pool they always wanted at the price they can afford.