When you build a swimming pool, one of the first prerequisites is that it should be a solid construction that lasts for a long time. In this respect, gunite swimming pools becomes the best choice. We at Curtis Pools have been operating in this space for over three decades and have handled all type of projects that involved gunite installations, for residential and commercial customers. Over the years we have built a very strong reputation in the region and tackled projects of every scale.

The Swimming Pool Installation Process

Today, when property owners in South Africa think of installing gunite swimming pools on their property, the first company they think of, is ours. This is a highly specialised job that can’t be handled by novices. When we are installing these pools, we follow a very detailed work process:

  • • A hole is first dug into the ground
  • • The required plumbing is set in place
  • • A very strong grid made of reinforced steel will be set in place and assembled
  • • These are spaced at a certain distance and are then secured with wire
  • • Once this grid is in position, a heavy coating of sprayed concrete will be applied on this grid
  • • After the gunite swimming pool surface has set well, you get a very strong and long lasting feature on your property

Gunite Swimming Pools – The Benefits

  • Strength & Durability– It’s important to get this installation work handled by an experienced contractor. This ensures it will last for a number of years without any trouble. Since it has a strong reinforced steel grid, the structure becomes very strong and does not lose its shape.
  • Design Flexibility– While property owners want value for money and long lasting swimming pools on their property, they also focus on aesthetics. They want the pools to reflect their personal style. Gunite is a very versatile material and it’s possible to build pools of various shapes and sizes with this material.
  • Install Anywhere- Gunite has a very minimal installation footprint. This reduces the cost and the interference and is ideal for places where other projects are simultaneously underway.
  • Value Add- These swimming pools are a definite value addition to your property. The minute you have a well-constructed pool, it ups the resale value of your home.

Customised Solutions

Curtis Gunite is a company that has been providing high grade, customised solutions and we have handled a large number of swimming pool installation projects for commercial and residential customers. While we provide excellent pool design and install service, we also provide repair and maintenance solutions; this helps keep the pool in a good condition for a number of years. We assure you high grade service and personalised services that are right in-line with your requirements. For more information about these services, Curtis Gunite is the company to call at +27 82-652-5205. Alternatively, use this online form to contact us and tell us what your swimming pool requirements are.