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Hello! We are Curtis Pools. Builders of Gunite Swimming Pools and Marbelite Pools, We Build, Maintain and Repair Swimming Pools.

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Award winning swimming pools

Curtis pools brought down the house at the 2012 National Pool Institute of South Africa (NSPI) Annual awards with no fewer than 8 accolades for best swimming pools!.
Curtis Pools, South Africa Sep. 06.2012
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Undertaking the construction and maintanence of Gunite swimming pools in South Africa. Curtis Pools have been implementing Gunite solutions for over 35 years.
Curtis Pools, Cape Town Mar. 03. 2010
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Curtis Pools also specialise in Marbelite Pools, with some of the lowest rates in South Africa and a history of efficiency Curtis Pools can complete your project to perfection..
Curtis Pools, Johannesburg Dec. 09. 2007

Curtis Pools, since 1973

marbelite iconCurtis pools have been building, maintaining and repairing new and old pools for over 35 years, including shell only reconstruction, pool enlargement - reduction and major repairs..

Why Marbelite Pools?

gunite iconMarbelite Pools give the kind of finish that you would expect in a palace. Furthermore marbelite is extremely durable and rarely cracks, so you can be assured of quality.

Why Gunite Swimming Pools?

builders iconGunite or sprayed concrete allows a swimming pool construction company to build a pool in any shape regardless of the surroundings. Curtis Pools provide the highest standard guniting..

Swimming Pools - South Africa

construction iconHere in South Africa the summer gets hot right? Ask yourself do you have a pool? If not...why not! Curtis Pools make swimming pools very affordable and economic with regards to maintenance.